Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Who is sleeping with Whom ?

Or alternatively ............

Would You Do Business with this Company for the next 28 years ?

After reading this I suspect your answer will be  NO !!!! (unless of course you are a labour councillor in Leeds)

Veolia  - the world’s biggest water utility by sales, has been forced into a €5bn fire sale of assets as its senior managers attempt to turn round the fortunes of the struggling company by breaking decisively with its expansionist past.

If a  company was being forced to to sell FIVE BILLION EUROS worth of assets to allow it  to remain afloat – would you go into business with them ?    NO!

If they planned to quit half of the 77 countries they do business in after “problems”  - those problems include huge law suits from communities and investors and FRAUD ?  NO!

If the share price was lower now than in 2003 when they nearly went bankrupt – would you do business with them?  NO!

And just to show we havent forgotten about Biffa – they too have announced massive debts and are probably soon to be taken over. And according to the article below they might be bought out by Veolia – which gets us even more .
It does beg the question :- Who in the waste management world is sleeping with whom? 

All in all its quite a mess our councilors have got us into .......................

And just a little snippet to finish with :- strangely enough the site to be used at Cross Green has been valued by Leeds City Council at £1,800,000 - if that piece of land had tipped the scales at £2 million it would have to have gone to the government for approval. Guess who valued the land ? An independent surveyor ? Nope .....Richard Fenton  of Leeds City Council - whom  we can only assume knows what side his bread is buttered.



  1. You know your problem? You are trying to apply logic.

    1. Silly me .......... i shall put on my rose tinted blinkers and read the articles again. Will i need to stick my fingers in my ears and do a Mark Dobson impression and say "we are where we are" as well?

  2. Sadly incinerator in Knowsley Liverpool is about to be given permit by Environment Agency regardless of public rejection of plan. Labour councillors gave planning permission back in 2010. Energos has been struggling to raise finance but still threatening to start building. Environment Agency uses data from Health Protection Agency to form judgement on final permit, some of this data is thirty years old. Could not possibly be classed as representive of the waste incinerated today. General idea seems to be incinerators are much better at incinerating now than in 1980 so nothing to worry about.