Saturday, 8 September 2012

Just a note to let you know...............

We are currently writing a new piece for will be called

"Its my (Labour) Party and i'll lie if i want to"

We have uncovered some facts you will love to read about ............................

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  1. This would be great IF there was any chance of putting up an independent candidate, and even then exposing lies should be left until the election period. I have no love for the Labour Party (been there, wore the t-shirt, handed out leaflets, campaigned on doorsteps for dreadful candidates) or any of its local councillors. However,I think the campaign needs to carefully focus on campaigning against the incinerator only and should avoid getting stuck in throwing political jibes (even where there is truth in them) until it becomes necessary. Don't use your ammo first, wait for them to do it out of desperation. For now, just be anti Incinerator, if you diss the Labour Party now it may alienate people within the party or supporters who may be sympathetic to the anti-incinerator cause but have stayed quiet so far for the sake of what they see as party unity.