Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Right, onward and upward!

Here are some of the founding members of the NO2Incinerator campaign team at one of our regular meetings at the Hope Inn on York Road where we are always sure of a very warm welcome from the landlord and his staff.

We meet regularly to share information and ideas for the campaign and to work out our strategy for the next few weeks.

Our meetings are advertised on our Blog and all are welcome to come along and offer ideas and support.

We will be posting details of our next meeting within the next few days and hope to see as many of you as possible there.

Biffa, despite assuring us that they were ready to put in their planning application have so far failed to do so, a situation that surely cannot last much longer. The city council also are still intent on having their incinerator in our ward, but again no further exact details are available at the moment.

We will keep everyone updated on developments and in the meantime the fight will go on, we don't really have a choice about that if we don't want to become the incinerator quarter of Leeds.

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