Sunday, 2 January 2011

A new year and the fight goes on.

Firstly, the NO2Incinerator campaign and Friends of the Earth Leeds would like to thank our councillors for their interest in our Advent Calendar 2010.

Only one councillor told us not to send the calendar to him as he already knew the facts we were trying to highlight. This councillor has stated he would be willing to talk to us and we are going to arrange a meeting soon to talk to him and we will publish the results of that meeting here.

Cllr Brett, Burmantofts & Richmond Hill, also sent us his thoughts and comments on some of the items in the calendar and these have been published here.

Now we are planning our next moves in this vital campaign so please watch this space for breaking news.........

1 comment:

  1. is the cllr that is willing to talk the afore mentioned cllr brett ?

    if it is dont waste your time , i have already had a converstaion with this waste of space and all he is doing is towing the party line from london and has no intrest in the local area which should be his main concern .

    he also punctuated the coversation with the usual
    "if you dont like what i stand for then run against me "
    and verious other attempts at clear patronisation .
    there are several cllrs supposedly opposing the incinerator how ever if you look back to when the plan was implimented the coucil was under their control ,seems now they are on the outside looking in and and wanting to win local votes to jump back on the gravy train .

    the council has clearly identified the best financial result for thermselves with regards to the site of the incinerator and wont be put off by the local opposition in fact local opinion doesnt even come into the equation .
    they have no moral responcibility and dont care about the horrendious legacy they will leave upon the people of east leeds .

    the whole process is a joke and people within the council should be held accountable for the miss appropriation of funds for leeting this project ever get off the ground .

    its about time they actually realised where the money comes from ,the tax paying local residents