Sunday, 14 November 2010

Truth is the first casualty of Politics?

As we have pointed out several times before the Lib Dems undignified attempts to re-write history in this matter does them no credit at all. Their assertions that the Labour party is hell bent of building an incinerator in Cross Green in the face of their unrelenting opposition is simply not true. This process was started by the Con-Lib, Green coalition in 2005. The Green Party left the coalition over this matter when it became obvious that the other two parties were hell bent on using incineration as the preferred method of waste disposal for the city.

It was made unmistakeably plain to our THREE Lib Dem councillors at many meetings of the Richmond Hill Forum from that time onwards that the residents of East Leeds were deeply unhappy with the proposals; felt that their area had been very unfairly targeted for this project because of its deprived status; and that they intended to fight it tooth and nail but at no time did any of the councillors stand up and say that they shared our concerns or that they would back our opposition.

NO2Incinerator understands that the Labour administration is looking into the costs of cancelling this scheme, proposed and promoted by the Con-Lib alliance, but like the aircraft carriers ordered by Labour which the present Con-Lib coalition in national government could not cancel because of the costs it would still incur, Labour might find itself in a similar position in this case.

As an aside, I really liked the quote from Cllr Pryke:

"Leeds Labour say one thing in opposition and then do another when they run the Council"

now if that is not a pot calling a kettle black I don't know what is, as I am sure anyone who has voted for any of the Lib Dems promises which they have now changed would agree.

But really ENOUGH of this "he said", "she said" nonsense!

The impending decision on the Incinerator, whether we should use this technology, and if so, where it should be sited, is a vitally important one with serious consequences for the long term future, not only of our community but the whole city and it is time this momentous issue stopped being used as a political football and started being given the serious consideration it, and we, deserve - get your act together ALL of you, stop the re-writing of history and the cheap points scoring and do what you were elected to do - REPRESENT YOUR CONSTITUENTS TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY!



  2. I didnt vote for them in the first place. Lets get this right shall we

    Gavin Stollar is a project manager for BIffa, and is also a high profile member of the lib dems (he has even tried to become an MP). Our liberals don't want the PFI incinerator at Cross Green, so by default want it at Knostrop. So in reality they are backing Biffa - i wonder why?

    Oh to have been a fly on the wall at this years lib dem conference.

  3. Is there an elections coming? Over the last few months we have been blitzed by leaflets from the Lib Dems telling us everything is Labour's fault and claiming credit for anything good done in the area, sometimes rightly sometimes I'm not so sure but really the people who live in this area just want their councillors to work together to promote the best interested of the residents and not their narrow party advantage.

    If they put as much effort into promoting the needs and aspirations of the residents as they do into rubbishing each other we would have a Leisure Centre, decent Library, One Stop Centre and who know's what else by now.

  4. Thank you Anonymous(2) for saying what I was thinking! There is talk about closing the local library, the nearest leisure centre is not faring very well, there is less services available, and don't even get me started about the new bin collections!! My street looks like a rubbish tip..

    So, yes, they should prove that they are up to the job for once, all three of them!!

  5. I have to say in defence of the councillors that if the people who voted them in or don't vote at all don't make any attempt to scrutinise their decisions or to engage further with the local democratic structures they pretty much deserve what they get.

    By and large local councillors are people of committment and in this country we have a right that people the world over are fighting and dying to obtain, the right to vote in free and fair elections.

    This priviledge was hard won and is not enough appreciated but we not only have the right to hold our representatives to account we have the duty to do so too.