Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Happy Christmas No Waste Advent Calendar 2010


  1. Let's hope that the councillors read the emails and really take on board the full consequences of taking the incineration 'quick fix'.

  2. well i am trying to do my bit. A self confessed fizzy water addict i have bought a soda stream. So now my fizzy water is made in a reuseable bottle with tap water. I caculate i have prevented 12 bottles going to landfill already! Plus less profit for supermarkets, no lorries delivering it either and i dont have to lug it home either!

    And even better i can use it to make tonic water for my gin!!!!

  3. That is the point though isn't it, little changes in lifestyle can make a huge difference to this very volatile situation.

    No one is going to willingly wear a hair shirt on this but small changes such as the one you have made will make a substantial difference over time, especially if many more people follow your lead.