Wednesday, 25 July 2012

HOT OFF THE RUMOUR MILL - Part 1 of many....

Due to the political hot potato that the Incinerator currently is we keep getting emails and phone calls from all sorts of people who are happy to tell us “stuff"

So in the interests of CONSULTATION   and TRANSPARENCY (two words Leeds City Council  &  Veolia have no concept of the meaning of)  we thought it  might be good to share what we have heard over the next very important weeks. .........

 Rumour No1.

Cllr Ron Grahame (labour) seems to think in order to STOP the incinerator he needs to stay on the plans panel and “fight it from within” , he will NOT speak publicly against it, will NOT sign a form to force a referendum on the issue and will NOT leave the labour party and stand alongside his constituents and support them. 
He calls this    “predetermination”    we call it   “cowardice”.

So Ron we thought we might show you some basic physics.................. nothing too complicated mind you!!!!!!!  

No2 Incinerators Guide 

How to Move a Wheelbarrow.


So we can assume that Cllr Ron Grahame is merely trying to get No2 Incinerator to call the dogs off. 

NO WAY - you are either with your community or against it - one foot in both camps will not work. 


  1. Predetermination .............oh what a joke. When will they learn this is a vote loser. Not that i will ever vote labour again mind you

  2. Wouldn't trust Ron G as far as I can throw him, sounds more like a LibDem - Sat aside the fence with one foot either side, and the post straight up the middle!