Friday, 26 August 2011

Richmond Hill Community Forum

Richmond Hill Community Forum
Monday 6.00pm
19 September 2011

Once again Waste Management is on the agenda for this meeting but this time it is listed as Waste Management Facility.  Does this mean that the decision we have been awaiting regarding the naming on the lucky winner of the PFI 'jackpot' has been made, we just don't know?

We know that last time they did not turn up but this time we expect them to, when a venue is finally announced.  The fact that the date of the meeting has been changed and that no venue has yet been confirmed, even at this late date, would lead those of us with suspicious minds to suggest that this meeting is not meant to be well attended - but we hope that that will not be case.

As soon as the venue is confirmed we will put it on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter and emailed to our friends so what this space.

We need to turn up and ask the awkward questions about this facility, its costs, its effects and its future that the residents of Leeds deserve to have asked


  1. Please sign my petition to governmement to get an incineration tax. This will stop the push to burn waste and make recycling even more profitable.

    The Petition has had a good start and is 10th on the treasury list with 384 signed so far.

    Denmark has a 50 euro per tonne tax on burning waste.

  2. To stop this incinerator we must turn up the heat on the council and get a proper campaign going. Get the message out, go viral. Identify every residents group, community group, friends group and make sure they are all aware of the issue. Bombard every councillor, MP, Dept Directors with letters, emails, every single day if necessary. Raise money, get local celebs on board, video diaries on youtube, social media etc. If we get focused we can take this campaign national, even international. The council are laughing at this, they;ve had it too comfy up to now, lets make it very uncomfortable for them. And let's make a priority of standing an independant candidate at next years elections on a no2incerator platform, Labour & Lib Dems have both sold the people ofRichmond Hill/Cross Green/East End Park down the river, lets stop them now.

  3. Take a look at this trailer for a documentary that is coming out.. Perhaps things are finally changing...

  4. Hi
    Im involved with several green groups. We are preparing research for the council. We have to fight the incinerators. I made this webpage showing what the incinerator will look like:


  5. Well No2 will be announcing another community meeting shortly - please watch this space.

    But as yet there is no venue announced for the richmond Hill forum, but it is the Inner east Area committee this evening where we are going to demand to know why a venue hasnt been sorted. They pay the area management a tidy sum and they cant even book simple things like rooms.

    Sarah C