Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Richmond Hill Forum is discussing the Incinerator again

The Richmond Hill Forum, 6pm 13 June 2011 at the Richmond Hill Community Centre, Long Close Lane, Leeds,  will again be discussing the progress that has been made on the Waste Treatment Plant (Incinerator to you and me).

We are now coming closer and closer to the final bids for this plant being submitted and quite soon after that it is proposed to award the PFI contract to the winning bidder.

Until we know who the winning company is we will not know where this plant might eventually be built.  If Aire Valley Environmental win the contract the plant they want to build is proposed for the old filter beds at the Knowsthorpe Sewage Works, if Veolia were to win the contract they would want to put the plant on the site of the Old Wholesale Market at Cross Green right on our doorsteps.

Come along to the meeting, listen to what everyone has to say about the plans and the progress that has been made to date.  Take this chance to make your own views known to the Waste Management Team and the local Councillors, ask questions, find out where we are with this project now, what total cost is expected to be, indeed what it has cost already and most importantly what we really need for the future.


  1. shame the waste managemnet team didnt have decency to turn up !

    yet another way of locking the local residents out of the process.

    amazing a public office that refuses to deal with the public !

  2. I could not agree more. Clearly they have made up there minds, in fact I feel they did so relatively early in the process, and they will not allow changing waste volumes, increasing amounts of recyclable material or public opinion to intrude into their done deal.

    However the contempt they showed last night by not turning up for the Forum Meeting or offering an apology or explanation showed pretty clearly what part the 'public' really plays in consultations. Is seems that we either agree with their line or keep quite, if we don't agree they will simply refuse to engage with us, after all what can we do about it really they hold all the power.

  3. They dont even bother answering emails anymore. Same with the dog consultation, stick an A4 sheet on a chair and tara! you have consulted with people. LCC should be ashamed of itself. Perhaps we should go and talk to Eric Pickles about it.

  4. i contacted andrew lingham with regards to the absence from the meeting and this was his reply .

    "Our non-attendance at the meeting on Monday night was due to a breakdown in communications with regard to the details of the meeting. I’ve emailed the Chair to convey my apologies. I don’t think we have ever shown an unwillingness to make ourselves available for this kind of meeting, and it’s unfortunate from my perspective that this has happened."

    make of it what you will but i know my thoughts !

    if you would like to contact him yourself the email the address is