Wednesday, 1 June 2011

NO2Incinerator making their case at the Richmond Hill Family Fun Day

NO2Incinerator at the Richmond Hill Family Fun Day 1 June 2011

The NO2Incinerator campaign took a stall at the Richmond Hill Family Fun Day at All Saints School field on Wednesday afternoon.

We gave out publicity materials on our campaign and collected 'footprints' for our STAMP IT OUT art project.

It was a great chance to talk to people in the area about the implications of the proposed incinerators in East Leeds and their possible effect on our area and to put across our point of view and also explain about the problems there have been with other similar projects around the country.

A great time was had be all and congratulations must be passed on to External Services who put on a truly entertaining event and the weather was, for once, on our side everyone seemed to have an absolutely fabulous time.  The exotic creatures were a very big hit with everyone as you can see from the pictures in the slideshow.


  1. Great day, great weather!! A day in the sun with all our friends and neighbours- you can't beat that!!


  2. We gave away 125 bookmarks and got 75 pictures for our Stamp It Out Campaign.

    The display was commented on frequently - the representation of the asthma inhalers as a graph made a powerful point. Many more children and adults suffer with this disease in our area than other areas of leeds. With the nanoparticles emiited from the new (possibly 2) new incinerators and the massive increase in road traffic which is a proven cause of breathing difficulties we made many more people aware of the dangers of this methods of waste disposal.

  3. Ah i have got it now - you have to click on the link at the top to see the piccies.

    Sarah C

  4. It was a great day and we met some really nice people there.