Tuesday, 12 April 2011

NO2Incinerator at the West Indian Centre

NO2Incinerator took their campaign against the building of a PFI funded municipal incinerator at either Cross Green or Knostrop to the West Indian Centre for the Love Music Hate Racism event on the 1 April 2011. 
Copyright COVEN 2011

Whilst there they met some very interesting and interested young people who listened to what we had to say and then were only too willing to show their support for the STAMP IT OUT art installation project we are running this summer as part of our campaign.

Amongst those only too happy to lend their backing to this very important project was the well known musician MUMZY pictured above.

It was a great evening and Sarah and Andrew made lots of friends for the continuing campaign.  Since it is the young people of the city of Leeds who will end up paying the on going price if the wrong decision is made on the future of waste management it was very encouraging to see the level of interest and commitment shown.

We will be holding STAMP IT OUT events all summer long and would welcome sensible suggestions for venues for these events as well as suggestions for exhibition spaces as well.


  1. And it was an excellent evening out (once my ears had recovered, it's a very loud venue).

    Many thanks are necessary firstly to the members of Chapeltown and Harehills Socialist Workers Party for inviting us along, Mumzy who took a genuine interest in what we were doing and allowed us to broadcast on his live web feed and the members of No2 who made it all possible on the night.

    But the biggest thanks has to go to all the epeople who signed our stamp it out posters and asked to be added to No2s distribution list.

    The Stamp it Out project will allow us to engage with many more groups in Leeds so No2 is in for a very busy summer creating an art installations from signed foot prints.

    Sarah Covell
    No2 Incinerator

  2. So if we want you to come and run your project at our village event what do we have to do, sounds as though it will be great fun at a fete.

  3. We would be delighted to come to any events that we are able. Just email the details to our email address at no2incinerator@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

    We think this is a fun and friendly way to get our message across.