Thursday, 24 February 2011

This Green is against it too

As I resigned as Chair of Cabinet and an Executive Member over the issue of the incinerator you can be assured that I oppose both the incinerator and any PFI contract to fund one.

Best regards

Cllr David Blackburn


  1. That Cllr Blackburn is marvellous news, but the other Cllr Blackburn said she was (albeit reluctantly) for both the PFI and the incinerator when she came to our meeting last year.

  2. He could go on to say "but my wife (who is currently a member of the Executive Board of Leeds City Council and a fellow Green Councillor) and I both support the Labour Administration of the Council who are continuing down the path of incineration - and without our support they would be unable to form a majority on the council!"
    Weasel words, Cllr David.