Monday, 21 February 2011

Lib Dem Councillor has change of heart!

We understand that Cllr Richard Brett who has previously backed the PFI incinerator project in his Richmond Hill Ward, he says reluctantly, for the last 5 years has now had a huge change of heart.

He has now come to the same conclusions we reached 5 years ago - that whilst landfill cannot continue as it is, incineration is most certainly NOT the way to go. He points out, as we have always said, that more and more recycling is becoming a much more desirable and economically viable option reducing any remaining waste to a very small and uncertain amount.

He also points out, as we pointed out to him at several meetings, that to sign up to a 25 year long PFI contract would be a very risky thing to do when we do not know what the future holds in terms of how much, and what kind of waste there is going to be.

This is heart-warming stuff, in fact we could almost have written it ourselves, oh hold on a minute - we did write it ourselves - on several Blog posts over the last year or so....

However the important thing now is that the councillor has, however belatedly, seen the light. We need to convince the rest of the council to do the same and point out that a decision to go ahead with this project would be disastrous both for the future of the city and its Council Tax payers.

I urge everyone to find out what their own councillor's opinions are on this very important matter and write to them and urge them not to go down this dead end path.


  1. I wonder if Nick Clegg had a word with him last week telling him it was Ok to do a flaming great big U turn.

  2. Nice to see Cllr Brett has listened to reason - after two years of us arguing with him.

    Sadly the citizens of Leeds cant be recompensed the million pound your adminstration spent on this farce, however i suppose my communiteis health and well being is worth much more in the long term.

    Nice to have you on board Richard - will you be bringing Cllr Pryke to the next No2 Incinerator meeting too?

  3. Does this mean that we can finally stop pretending that the Lib Dems never had anything to do with this project and it is all a cunning Labour plan and get down to what really matters?

    Incineration is not the right technology to solve this problem and PFI is definitely not the right way to pay for municiple infrastructure.

    Let's keep our eye on the ball and not be distracted by the usual knock-about style of politics we are treated to by both parties, the Convervatives not being interested in Inner East Leeds at all, and sort out this vital matter properly.

    The consequences of getting it wrong don't bear thinking about!

  4. Well done Richard - it takes a big man to change your mind like that. I dont doubt you will get a great deal of flack over it, butyou have made the right choice, incineration of waste is wrong.

  5. I have every respect for Cllr Richard Brett who has declared a change of heart regarding the proposed incinerator at Leeds.

    So then, what of the other councillors - from all parties; what of MPs? If they support the campaign to oppose incineration in favour of the reduction of waste, re-use of resources and recycling of materials, will they make a public statement?

    For those politicians who don’t support reduce, reuse and recycling policies, it’s time they were put out with the rest of the rubbish – just as in Sheffield, the issue of the incinerator became an electoral issue and some politicians found that they were put out on the rubbish heap, as they were not fit for any other purpose.

    Chris Mackins

  6. Chris

    We have asked every councillor for their position on this matter.

    We are also going to ask our MP's the same and will put their responses up here too.

    You are right in that it was brave of Cllr Brett to change his stance on this matter and come down on the side of no incinerator, I hope more councillors will have the same kind of courage.

  7. Well done councillor Brett!!

    As I mentioned in previous comment, I think that local politics should represent local opinion!

    We need our councillors to support our campaign for a viable environment- in the end, if we work together there is a lot to be gained!

  8. Good for Richard Brett!

    If more councillors took the time to explore the waste issue, more of them would reach the same conclusions as the green movement.

    Reduce - re-use - recycle.