Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spreading the Word

Sarah Covell, a member of the NO2Incinerator Group, and the Richmond Hill elected Representative member on the Inner East Area Committee, was given a chance to speak about the campaign, its aims and ambitions when interviewed by this local media organisation.

She gave the group's point of view in response to an interview which was aired last week with Andrew Lingham from the Environmental Team promoting the building of an Incinerator in East Leeds. Though the council, and for that matter Biffa, prefer to call these projects Energy from Waste plants, presumably because it sounds so much more environmentally friendly and less threatening than an incinerator, but the fact of the matter is that whether they are able to find an outlet for any possible power and heat generated by their process or not, they intend to burn the waste anyway.

This is an interesting interview and you can listen to it at

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  1. The word is really spreading now. More and more people are becoming aware of what is being proposed for this area but also for the people who will be under the plume like the residents of Temple Newsam.

    I know they tell us that everything is prefectly safe but if that is so why does the chimney have to be 90m high?

    It might not be a problem of a very windy day but as the report showed yesterday Britain is becoming a very much less windy place.

  2. I agree the habit all concerned have of referring to these incinerators as Energy from Waste plants is deeply misleading and a lot of people are only now finding out what is intended for their area and the city as a whole.

    Remember, even if they have no useful outlet for the 'energy' they produce they will still keep on burning the point of the plant is not to produce energy it is to burn waste, not all of which needs to be burned.