Monday, 13 September 2010

They’re at it again – have these people no shame?

The Lib Dems are once again trying to ingratiate themselves with the No2Incinerator campaign by pretending that the plans for an incinerator in this area are nothing to do with them.

This is a lie!

Even when asked at the last meeting of the Richmond Hill Forum to state their opposition to incineration neither Brett nor Pryke would and no wonder, since they have been working on plans for this incinerator for over 5 years. During that time the Cross Green site was one of 4 under consideration and when it became 1 of only 2 sites in the running and the technology to be used was only to be incineration they still said nothing. It was only just before the May local elections when it became very clear that this incinerator was a vote loser that they started to say that they would fight an incinerator at Cross Green. They now appear to feel that putting an incinerator at Knostrop would be a cheap way to buy of the residents of East Leeds - this blatant and bare-faced re-writing of history shows their complete contempt for the people of this area - their constituents!

NO2Incinerator wishes to make it clear once again that the Lib Dems have not opposed placing and incinerator in our ward. They are now trying to suggest that this is all a Labour idea, this is not true either. We hold no brief for either of these parties but we do not want either one of them trying to shore up their vote on the back of misleading information about our campaign.

Councillors were told repeatedly that the residents of East Leeds had not been properly consulted on plans for an incinerator, these concerns were dismissed out of hand, now it is seen as a stick to beat up their political opponents they are up in arms about it.

Again the timing of the latest Focus leaflet is suspicious to say the least, we are holding another Public Meeting tonight and our campaign is building up momentum and gaining respect amongst the ordinary residents of East Leeds and now, by coincidence, a leaflet appears purporting to show how hard the Lib Dems are fighting the incinerator at Cross Green, though you will notice it does not say anything about the Knostrop site just next door.

This campaign is fighting for our area, a job you might think our councillors are supposed to be doing but all of them are apparently too busy point scoring and sniping at each other to do the job properly. It seems that if you want to know what is really happening with the incinerators in our area you should keep reading our Blog or subscribe to our email mailing list at or our no2incinerator Facebook or Twitter pages and whilst the councillors fight amongst themselves we will do our best to represent the thoughts and concerns of our fellow residents properly.


  1. Well said No2 incinerator!!! - the change of the colour of the council can only affect the future - the past is cast in stone and is freely available via the webpages.
    Richard Brett although now just a bog standard ward councillor, was up to May 2010 Leader / Deputy Leader of the Council and leader of the liberals in the council. I know we have selective licensing in the area, but it seems we also have councillors with selective memories!!!!!!! .

  2. And councillor Grahame's position is?

    Oh we don't know.

  3. I am more than happy to ask Cllr Graham for his position on this matter as I have said before but I do not understand what his position on the future has to do with the totally misleading statements in the Forcus leaflet about our Lib Dems position on this matter for the last 5 years.

    I know this is just knock about party politics here but what has me really annoyed is the asumption that the residents of this area are too stupid to remember what happened at the Forum meetings in the past and won't notice the total re-writing of the facts.

    The councillors should have more respect for the intelligence of their constituents.

  4. At least Ron turned up to the meeting :-)

    To be honest i think Ron is with us on this

  5. Come on everybody get on these sites and show your support for ours and other campaigns.