Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Explosion rips through waste plant at Tockwith

Firefighters are tackling a "hazardous" blaze after a chemical explosion near York.

Dozens of firefighters are tackling the fire at BCB Environmental Waste Services on Marston Moor Business Park in Tockwith, following the blast at about 4am today.
Some residents of Tockwith have evacuated the village. Other residents and motorists in the area have been told to keep their windows closed.

A thick cloud of black smoke can be seen for many miles, and is drifting over the village towards York.

Five fire engines are currently on the scene and police are trying to establish what chemicals if any are present in the fire.

Tockwith resident Dave Simpson, an arts journalist for The Guardian, said: "At about 6am I heard what sounded like demolition noises or the sound of a quarry.
"When I got up I saw a massive black cloud over the BCB chemical plant, headed over the village.

"Then there were more noises which it became apparent were explosions. One of them shook my house. The police have advised us to stay indoors and not even walk pets. My partner cannot leave for work.

"My neighbour says the BCB plant is now totally destroyed."
James Moore works on the industrial estate and said smoke from the fire was visible at about 3.45am.

"I could see the smoke at about quarter to four from Wetherby Road, but the flames weren't really visible until about 6am," he said.

"There were a couple of explosions and a big ball of fire at about 7am, by which time they were letting people back into parts of the industrial estate."
Another local resident said she was woken by a "series of bangs" and said she looked out of her window and saw thick smoke.

Earlier this year, BCB was fined £40,000 after admitting three health and safety offences involving its handling of flammable chemicals and its equipment.

First Garforth now Tockwith all I am sure supposed to be safe but how safe are we really going to be?

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  1. We are not safe at all, like it has been said before - waste is a self regulating industry. profit comes before safety - until they get caught.