Monday, 21 June 2010

What do we know so far

£68.6 million has been put aside by the government to help the council build a facility to deal with the waste that is not recycled.

In July 2008, the council advertised a contract to build and run a ‘residual waste treatment facility’. By January 2009, eight bidders had put forward proposals. The council short-listed to four proposals in April 2009, and the to two in February 2010.

The process to buy this facility is both site and technology neutral. This means the council has never had a preference for a particular site or technology treatment.

The final two bidders are:

■Aire Valley Environmental who are proposing to build a facility at the current Knostrop sewage treatment site
■Veolia ES Aurora Ltd who are proposing to build a facility at the former wholesale market on Cross Green industrial estate
In the coming years the key dates are:

■Summer 2010 – Public consultation to inform final proposals
■Autumn 2010 – Final proposals from two bidders
■Summer 2011 – Successful bidder chosen
■Autumn 2011 – Bidder submits planning application
■Autumn 2011 – Public consultation on planning application begins
■Autumn 2012 – Planning decision
■Autumn 2012 – Construction begins
■Summer/Autumn 2015 – Facility starts processing waste

source:LCC Municipal Waste Strategy


  1. Hopefully in the Summer 2010 the council will come to its senses and stop this mad scheme. Come on Labour and Greens - keep to your election promises - No2 incineration.

    (or very simply a lot of people won't vote for you again)

  2. I agree, with the advent of the proposed Biffa scheme things have changed dramatically. What is the insane justification for charging ahead full speed with this horrendously expensive and inflexible scheme?

    We need to think again seriously before committing the residents of Leeds to this scheme