Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Leeds, Love it, Live it..

Only it's not so simple. Where we live is nothing like the glitz and the glamour of the city centre.

Some of our neighbourhoods feature amongst the most deprived areas in the country.

Some of the housing is poor and some of our people are even poorer.

And the environment, well...

Statistics to follow.


  1. We are a super output area - meaning we are one of the most depreived wards in the country - yet the council think they can just put a huge incinerator in our mist and we will roll over and play ball. NOT LIKELY - join the NO 2 incinerator campaign, unity is strength together we can make it NOT happen

  2. I totally agree Sascharabbit. If you look on the Friends of the Earth website you will see that a large number of these incinerators are built in areas of multiple deprivation where I suppose it is thought that residents, already dealing with so many problems, will not have either the will or the skills necessary to stand up and fight for their communities but I have to say they have picked the wrong community this time. People here may not have the connections or the resources of other areas of the city who have seen damaging waste plants re-routed from their areas but they are now starting to band together to send out the very clear message that the people of this area matter, their childen matter, the quality of their lives matter and they will stand up and be counted when it comes to their opposition not only to an incinerator on our doorstep but to an incinerator FULL STOP

  3. yes, we should all oppose it- the fact that the area is already environmentally poor, doesn't mean it can't get worse! Let's fight this!

  4. Well they have made a fundemental mistake - that of underestimating the great unwashed of EEP.

  5. HaHa! That was a good one sascharabbit!!

  6. Good meeting last night - 26 new mailing list members and loads of publicity. Time for a spot of community action.